What Works after the Death of PBNs: The Hoth

If you are making money online, or at least trying to, then you probably know already about the PBN massacre that Google went through recently. To put it short, Google somehow managed to capture a lot of Private Blog Networks and de-index the sites in the networks, as well as the websites that they linked to, resulting in huge losses for the big players out there. I’m not a big player and I have never used PBNs, so I wasn’t affected.

But one thing is clear: even though there are voices claiming the PBNs are not dead – and I tend to agree with these voices, as long as you play it smart – PBNs are extremely risky. Personally, I would not go with a “public” PBN (ranking services) because I consider them to be too risky right now.

But what still works after the death of PBNs?

I have always been an advocate of natural link building and I will always be, but not everybody agrees with this approach, especially because results are very, very slow. And just for the sake of seeing how things work, I decided to try out The Hoth, as I already told you in one of my previous income reports.

the hoth logo

The Hoth still works!

The difference between The Hoth and any blog network out there is that The Hoth builds new sites for you and feeds links to these sites, from different sources. Basic, old school SEO and stuff that I did myself when I started blogging, but it takes a huge amount of time. This service does it for you and does it cheap (the cheapest package is $60) and also provides you with the passwords for the created properties, so if anything bad is to happen, you can immediately remove those links.

But the truth is, nothing will happen! Here is how things look like for my two websites using The Hoth:

Niche Site #1, fresh site where I used the HOTH Mini $60 package (cheapest available):

the hoth 1

The Hoth Package was completed on August 28th and it needed some time to get in effect – it usually lasts 2 to 4 weeks for you to see any effect on rankings. The traffic has increased and, even better, the trend is upwards.

The month before The Hoth, this niche site had 80 unique visitors and 116 page views, the month after the Hoth it had 111 visitors with 160 page views. And that’s basically just two weeks of full effect from the Hoth package.

Things get a bit more interesting with Niche Site #2, where I went for a HOTH Results Plus+ package:

the hoth 2

In this case, I had a strange spike in traffic just two days after getting the “complete” message, but the real boost was visible after about 14 days. Traffic is still trending up and the numbers are pretty impressive: the month before the Hoth, we had 5,203 uniques with 7,386 page views, while the month after getting the package traffic increased to 26,014 uniques and 34,792 page views. Now that’s an increase that I like seeing!

What does this prove? It proves that The Hoth is a service that still works really nice even after the death of PBNs, because it’s not PBN link building per se. It’s safe and from the traffic stats seen above, it really works.

It’s also pretty obvious that the better packages (which are also more expensive) give the best results probably because the amount of links that the Tier 1 websites get is greater. Still, even the cheapest package works as you have seen, so I guess it’s really worth trying out especially if you’re looking for a safe Private Blog Network alternative.

So click here to sign up for The Hoth and access the dashboard with all the info and packages. And build links to your site, links that Google seems to love.

Have you tried The Hoth yet? Did you see similar growth for your websites? What package did you purchase?

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  1. I am still very skeptical about The Hoth. Their support pretty much sucks, although they reply quick (initially). After throwing them a few questions, they just go silent. Will give them a miss as a result.

    To me, the support quality indicates what kind of people/culture/mindset they have. And the message I am getting so far, is not good. You can risk them for a quick fix, but remember…….if anything goes wrong later, blame yourself.

    1. To be honest, I never had to contact their support in the past year, since starting to use them. They deliver exactly what they promise to deliver, usually faster than promised and I never had any kind of trouble (and I ordered both the cheapest and the most expensive packages).

      There is always a risk when dealing with non whitehat link building, that is true!

      1. Hi Cain,
        Thanks for your post. I’m thinking of trying The Hoth, reviews online seem to be mixed. Is there a really good guest post service? I’ve found OutreachMama and OutreachFrog. Have you tried them yet ?

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