What is THETA Coin? Should You Buy It?

I am always looking for new coins and tokens to invest in and the Theta Token caught my eye recently. I just learned about it and I am here to tell the world about it as well and help you decide if it’s a coin you should invest in or not.

So in today’s article, we’re going to learn what is Theta Token aka Theta coin, as well as if it’s worth buying Theta as a short term or long term investment.

Remember: I am not a financial advisor and these are just personal opinions. You are the only one responsible for any financial decisions you make!

What is THETA Token?

I personally consider it one of the smartest and biggest blockchain projects launched recently, completely focused on one huge market: video streaming. They have a great team and a big name advisors too: Steven Chen, the co-founder of YouTube and Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch (among others).

This alone gives me solid reasons to just buy without checking out the whitepaper or the roadmap. But you always have to do that and understand the project you’re investing in. And the Theta Network is one pretty solid project!

It is basically a decentralized video content streaming platform that allows for extremely fast, high quality video streaming in all corners of the world.

It addresses some of the biggest challenges of today’s live video streaming, like the low quality of videos, the high costs of the streaming infrastructure itself, as well as the problems caused by an outdated, centralized ecosystem.

Their solution is simple: viewers can share their extra bandwidth and resources to speed up the streaming and cut the costs, earning Theta tokens at the same time for doing this. This is basically the “mining” operation: users all over the world will contribute as caching nodes from where videos will be delivered.

In the end, you can actually watch a video on their blockchain and at the same time contribute memory and bandwidth resources to earn Theta tokens and be part of the network. And this sounds, at least in theory, extremely well. And, if done properly, it could definitely change live streaming as we know it today.

The Theta Roadmap

Right now, the Theta network is in its early stages of development and currently there’s only one app developed by the company:, a Twitch-like website where users can watch esports and people playing video games which has its own share of nice features.

However, I am mostly excited about things that they’re working on and especially the plans they have for the Phase 4 of their projects (they’re currently at Phase 2).

When they reach that phase, however, they’ll basically be in full launch mode. We’ll have the Theta Network launched, allowing for caching and mining nodes to go live, while the network itself will debut its premium on-demand content service. Something like Netflix on steroids – and if this is done right, things will look really good.

The only potential problem for inpatient investors is that the full launch of the Theta Network – the Phase 4 I was talking about – is planned for Q3 2019, which is still a loooong way off. But you can’t build something awesome over the night and I will always prefer a long term project with actual chances of succeeding to one that disappears overnight.

The Theta Token Price

Coin Market Cap tracks the price of the Theta coin since January 17, 2018 – so there’s still little data to talk about. However, the trend looks really nice and unlike poor ICOs whose investors start dumping the coins they bought as soon as they have the chance, in this case it appears that things went the other way.

As you can see from the screen capture above, Theta started trading at $0.15 and had a slow, but steady rise to $0.24 at the moment of writing this article, with a maximum price of $0.31. So it has already doubled in value and it’s less than a month since it went out.

This is encouraging news: it seems that people trust this new coin as much as I do and I am sure that things will look even better when they get listed on exchanges that are popular in Western countries too (as you can only buy Theta now on OKEx, Huobi and


It’s still very early to say if Theta tokens are worth buying, buy all the early signs are here that we’re dealing with a truly revolutionary coin that will increase its price greatly once all the planned features are launched. Right now, this coin is very hot and I believe that things will only look better for it.

In conclusion, I will definitely invest in Theta. Not a lot as it’s still a long way to go and it will surely have its fair share of obstacles to overcome in the future, but I do believe it will have an interesting future to say the least.

What do you think about the Theta token? Is this something you will put your money on? Do you think they have what it takes to truly revolutionize video streaming as they plan to do? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi, I just saw that Clif High said that the blockchain is not suitable for streaming video and that this idea will fail and that you do not understand the basics of blockchain. he is an expert in code writing and blockchain technology. Is he missing something here or misinterpreting this idea?


  2. Clif now says he hasn’t got all the data yet so he has not got a firm opinion yet
    , so maybe the jury is still out.

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