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Top 10 Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World

One of my dreams – and I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation – is to become a digital nomad. In other words, I would like to travel the world and earn enough money to keep me going. Can this be done? It sure can, even though it’s not at all easy.

But to simplify things, I’m here to share with you at Thrifty Self Employed the top 10 ways to make money while traveling the world. Maybe someday you and me will follow this dream and this article will be extremely helpful.

1. Blogging
Since this is my actual profession, I can only suggest this first. Creating one or more successful blogs requires time and a lot of motivation – and at least time for work won’t be always on your side while traveling, but it can be done and there are already people doing this.

However, it’s best to start a blog now, make it successful and only afterwards start traveling because the other way around has no guarantee that you will make it!

2. Freelance
A bit easier that starting your own blog is freelancing. In other words, write for others for a set fee. You will start with a generally low pay, but you can work your way up and make thousands of dollars per month writing articles for others. Specialize in high paying niches (like finances, technology or health) and you’ll be just fine!

3. Virtual assistant work
Even if writing is not your thing, you can still do some money online while traveling by doing virtual assisting jobs for others. These jobs range in terms of difficulty or requirements, but you can certainly find something to match your skills.

4. Website design
Basically, if you can create websites or you can use photoshop to create graphics, you’re all set! It’s just freelancing, but pay is usually better and if you’re really good at this, you won’t have to spend too much time working. I have friends who do freelance website design and custom graphics for 4 hours a week and afford a life of constant travel in South-East Asia.

5. Teach English
If you’re a native English speaker, many countries won’t even require you to have a teaching degree to hire you. And even if you don’t go the traditional way: teaching kids at the school, you can still take private English classes and have a ton of free time. And money to explore the country you’re in.

6. Work in a hotel
If the place you want to visit is a travel destination, then you can easily find a job at a hotel. It doesn’t give you too much free time despite the popular belief, but you will have your free hours to explore and enjoy the country you’re visiting.

7. Affiliate marketing
We’re getting back to things you can do online and affiliate marketing is one of them. Not the easiest thing to do as you need some money to start with and some experience won’t hurt, but it can prove extremely profitable.

You’ll be selling other people’s (usually big companies like Amazon) stuff online and get a chunk of the profits. You can either do this on your blog or take it to the next level and go for PPC ads and other forms of advertising.

8. Work on a Cruise Ship
Now this is a dream job for many and a way to make a lot of money, too. The work is really hard but you will have, generally, more time for yourself than if you were to work at a hotel, plus you will visit all the countries that the cruise ship visits, which is always a bonus.

9. Fruit picking or other type of manual labor
If you really don’t have many skills or experience, fruit picking or other types of manual labor can earn you quite some money! You won’t get this option anywhere on the globe, but there are great areas that you can visit, pick fruits for a living and enjoy the areas: from Australia, to South European countries like Spain or Italy, it’s all possible!

10. Volunteer
Although this is not really a money making method, since you won’t have to spend anything and you get free food and shelter, it’s still pretty nice. Volunteering will also allow you to meet some great people along the way, so if you’re all about the travel, you have to try this at least once!

There are many other possibilities to earn money while traveling, from selling your traditional food to simply ask your boss if you could do your job remotely. Just be creative, stay motivated and learn to save as much as possible and spend as little as possible and it can be done! Good luck!

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