Stop Searching! This Is the Best WordPress Theme for 2018!

Having a premium theme is absolutely vital for your blog, if you want to make it to the next level and improve your earnings online: not only that a high quality premium WordPress theme offers a ton of functions and options that regular themes don’t, but they also look spectacular and people visiting your website will trust you more as a brand.

It’s true that content is king, but before people read the content, they see your blog. And if it looks bad or highly unprofessional, they won’t even spend the time reading it! Therefore, getting a great theme is a must.

You probably are not like me and you haven’t tried tens of themes, wasting a ton of money purchasing them, hoping to find the perfect one that fits your needs. Well, I did that and I am extremely proud to say that I finally found IT. The best WordPress theme to use in 2018 and, in my opinion, the best WordPress theme of all times. Newspaper by tagDiv.

If you have never purchased a WordPress theme before, let me tell you something: many of the themes you can get look almost flawless when you check out the demo, but once you make the purchase, you realize that you have so few customization options and so much work to make it look at least vaguely like the demo, that you’ll lose your mind.

I am not particularly tech savvy (those who are might find it easier to tweak and customize), so I really needed a theme that offered me everything I needed in terms of customizations just a click away but which was also simple enough to be considered “plug and play”. And the Newspaper theme does that flawlessly.

When purchasing Newspaper, you are not getting a WordPress theme, you’re getting a factory of themes that allows you to customize the looks exactly as you see fit. You don’t want to customize? No problem! It comes with various custom designs ready to be imported with just one click.

Basically, all the major niches out there are covered and you can choose your own design easily. For example, I am running on the Tech preset because I was too lazy to customize my own and because this particular one looked amazing.

Here are a few of the default designs you can choose for the theme, and you can see how amazingly beautiful (and completely different) each one is – and you get them all for FREE with the purchase of the theme:

Classic Magazine theme

newspaper theme 01

Fashion Blog theme

newspaper theme 02

Video Theme

newspaper theme 03

Travel Theme

newspaper theme 04

Classic Blog theme

newspaper theme 05

You can also check out the Tech Blog preset by simply looking at my blog. Or more designs on the theme’s official page.

Apart from the great design – which is, in my opinion, 90% of the overall success of the theme – it has everything you could wish for under the hood: it is extremely fast and loads amazingly well, it is perfectly optimized code-wise and gives you so many customization options (that require clicking around, not coding knowledge) that you can build two completely different products (or 20) – your own imagination and creativity is the limit here. Or you can just stick to the default themes which are more than enough!

Here is the theme’s panel, with everything you might want to customize just one or two clicks away:

newspaper theme 06 - panel

The theme is also responsive, which means that it will automatically adapt for mobile phones and tablets – a must today when more and more people visit websites on their mobiles and when Google itself values mobile optimized websites more.

It also comes with various plugins – one of them being a dedicated mobile theme – in case you want to have your site load even faster on mobile (which is what Google loves).

This theme has been launched for quite a while, but it still remains extremely good and a great choice for all bloggers out there. It has been constantly updated and its team of devs are working constantly on making it better and better and improving it even more. This is what I love about it: it’s constantly changing to meet the new demands in the world of blogging (and those of Google).

In other words, the search is over! I am sure that if you try out the theme or check it out, you will say the same. The Newspaper WordPress theme is the best WordPress theme for 2018 and, in my opinion, the best WordPress theme ever. I love it and I am sure you will love it too. So click here to find out all the details about it and download it right away. It will be the best decision you’ve made today!

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    1. I am sure you will love it, Trish! I had my fair share of themes in the past, most of them buggy or with problems that gave me headaches. I just couldn’t believe how simple, clean and wonderful this theme is.

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