Should You Quit Your Job to Become a Full Time Blogger?

By definition, I am a professional blogger. This might sound for many as the “guy who makes five figures per month working a few hours per week,” but it’s unfortunately not the case. Even though I am blogging for over six years now, I didn’t make it big.

I am not rich, I am not making five figures per month, but my modest online income is enough to feed my family and pay the bills. No trips to exotic countries, no super fast cars, no bags of money in the bank. Blogging is not as easy as some might suggest.

So, should you even consider, then, quitting your job to become a full time blogger?

When I decided to blindly jump into the world of self employment and professional blogging back in 2008, I knew nothing about blogging. However, it was 2008 back then and the competition wasn’t as tough as it is right now, while Google wasn’t so keen on making things more difficult for us either.

Five rewritten articles, an exact match domain name, a few thousand links purchased for a few dollars and you were ranking and making money. Guaranteed.

Today, at the end of 2014, things are way more complicated, especially for a beginner blogger: building links is no longer as easy, the Page Rank has been shut off so it’s more difficult for you to follow your progress and, most important, SEO techniques that work today might not work tomorrow. See the PBNs for a scary example.

With some saying that a new website might now need up to six months to start ranking and with others saying that the single product micro niche sites that used to work in the past are no longer working or at least are no longer as easy to rank as they were, things are a bit tougher now for those willing to become full time bloggers. Especially if they’re just starting up.

I know that you probably want just what I did when I decided to give full time blogging a try: the freedom and amazingness of being your own boss, in the first place. No set schedules, no deadlines, no nagging coworkers and dress codes and the ability to work whenever you want to and do it your way.

These are all awesome facts that are mostly real when it comes to being a professional blogger and for me they matter a bit more than the money. Not that I wouldn’t like to make those five figure numbers per month, but I am not completely depressed that I am not there (yet) even after 6 years. I’ve actually been there for a little bit and it felt awesome, so it’s definitely possible!

So, if you are a free minded person who likes to be their own boss, then jumping blindly on this wagon might be the perfect thing for you. Personally, I believe that being a blogger is a dream job, even though it has its drawbacks.

But please be extremely caution before quitting your job and throwing away that secure income. Blogging is everything BUT secure in terms of income. And not always as fun as people might believe it is.

digital nomads

If you are just starting up or you just plan to start up, under no circumstance quit your job to become a full time blogger! It might take as much as one year before you’ll start making some money with your blog, and there’s always the chance it will fail. In other words, just like with anything else in this world, it’s an extremely risky thing to do if you don’t really know what you’re doing!

It’s best to start working part time on your blogs and see if that’s really what you are looking forward to doing every day. Stick to a schedule for at least three months and see if there’s any sign of potential progress from your blog(s) and decide honestly if that’s something that will give you a monthly paycheck – one that is large enough to at least cover the bills and the food.

If you’ve already started blogging, then things are different. You’re probably seeing already some nice signs and growth and it makes you believe that if you had more time for your blogs, you could earn even more. If that’s the case – if you are already making some money and your gut feeling is that you can do a lot better if you have more time, then full time blogging is what you should do.

You might not become rich, you might not be one of the big guys, but you will feel a lot better. You will have the freedom to create your own schedule and to enjoy life more. Heck, you can even work daily wearing nothing but your superhero boxer shorts! And that’s something that I totally love about being a professional blogger, even though I am not one of the big guys everybody wants to be like.

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