My Job: Professional Blogger

People raise their eyebrows when I tell them that I am a professional blogger. It’s not really the best job to have if you want most people to look at you with respect and for me, living in a country like Romania where blogging is still wearing nappies, saying that I am a professional blogger is usually followed by “oh, you poor boy”. But, that’s my job: I am a professional blogger.

And despite all the negatives, I would always suggest that you give it a try too. It is extremely rewarding, it’s challenging and it can make you rich. It hasn’t made me rich yet, but I am working on it. And so far I’m doing pretty well: I earn enough to feed my family every month and to keep us all happy. In the end, if I only have that, it’s still enough.

So… what is a professional blogger?

At first, I considered that being a professional blogger is a very “member’s only” kind of thing, like a club membership for a high profile golf club. Looking at the pros like Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn who are making tens of thousands of dollars per month, it certainly makes you feel that it’s impossible to become a pro blogger.

But that’s not completely true because you are not a professional blogger only if you make tens of thousands of dollars per month! Basically, just as it is the situation of every other job, a professional blogger is that person who earns their living from blogging. Nice and simple.

It’s just like in happens in the real world with a sports team: some soccer players earn millions per season, while others earn just as much as you do working from 9 to 5. But they’re all pro soccer players, just some are better (or just doing better) than others. The same is with professional blogging and you should always try to find ways to improve and get better – get there at the top.

However, I guess that knowing that you can boldly say that you’re a professional blogger even if you earn under $10,000 per month (and actually a lot more!) is a little less depressing than knowing that you have such a high goal that you might never reach.

What about you? Are you a professional blogger, earning your living from blogging entirely or you’re just working your way up there?

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  1. Hey C.

    The new site looks good! While I did find posts about your country quite interesting I learn more towards self employment blogs. I think separating your two entities was a good call. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for the future.

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