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Making Money with YouTube Videos: Can I Do It?

I love to try out new ways of earning money online and even though most of the new methods that I try out are not as successful as the people promoting them make you believe, I love the experience and it helps me understand the bigger picture of earning online, which is not always a beautiful picture.

So my latest test had me trying to make money with YouTube videos. I’ve been planning to do it for a long time now, but only started to actively work on this a couple of months ago. And today I am here to share with you the results and answer the question in the title:

Can I make money with YouTube?

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How I did it

Unfortunately, I am pretty camera shy and my acting skills are not that great, plus I don’t have all that time to record shows and stuff. So me talking in front of a camera or re-enacting famous Shakespeare plays – it’s going to be a while until I will do that and probably it would take me a lot more to actually have any success doing it.

Plus, I didn’t want to add something extra to my already busy schedule and instead I wanted to try mixing the video creation with something that I already do.

Long story short, I decided to go with recording video games and posting the videos online. I spend a lot of time playing video games anyway, and I decided to mix this hobby of mine with my quest of making money online. I always believe that any extra income that you can generate from doing something that you do anyways is a big win for you!

Did I make money with YouTube Videos?

So far, I have published 40 videos on YouTube and since posting the first video a bit over two months ago until today I have 46,125 views which is pretty nice. Most of these views come from three videos, though, which somehow became popular while many of my other videos have an incredibly low number of views (under 100).

It’s a huge competition in this niche too and there are established channels of pro players who come up with the videos as soon as new titles are launched. Me playing games that are already months old is probably of little interest to anyone…

Did I make any money? I did, even though a blog with 46,000 views would normally generate way more than what my videos did. The YouTube terms don’t allow me to be specific about the earnings, but I can say that the CTR is really low, and the CPM is low too and if things remain the same in terms of earnings, I wouldn’t switch to becoming a professional YouTuber unless I had 100 times more views. Monthly.

So yes, the earnings are not, in my case, after a couple of months, insane. However, I consider the money that I made to be decent. Probably the niche matters a lot too and I did hear that gaming content is one of the lowest paying niches out there in the blogging world too.

I am still learning the ropes of YouTube videos and what titles work, how to choose the right keywords and write the right descriptions, what people like to see and how to actually improve the earnings, but even if they are to remain at this level, I would still be happy. Why? Because, as I said, it’s money generated by something that I am already doing.

And there’s always the chance to strike lucky with YouTube and have your content go viral. Probably less chances with the type of content that I currently create, but eventually, as I get the hang on YouTube publishing and what works, things might change a little bit. Certainly my bank account would benefit a lot if I managed to get a video to a few million views.

But to get there, a ton of work and luck are required. Some things – like me playing video games – have less chances of getting there because of the nature of the content, but I am sure that people who are creative and not camera shy, who are smart when it comes to the videos they record and keep on posting them, have a nice chance of earning a solid income from YouTube.

So in the end, making money with YouTube is like general blogging: I believe that anybody could do it. How successful you are depends only on the niche you choose and the way promote your content.

What about you? Have you had any success making money with YouTube?

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