JSECoin: The Future of Website Advertising & the Coin You Can Mine with Your Browser

I have rarely been so excited about a new coin lately as I am with JSECoin. In this article, you will see why I consider it such a brilliant coin with a bright future ahead. And I can only hope that all the plans its developers have for it will become reality.

Because in my opinion, JSECoin is that type of coin that can change the online world forever. It has two brilliant ideas that can change both online advertising and website monetization (for webmasters and blog owners) but also the cryptocurrency world because it allows anybody to mine the coin with their browser!

One of the reasons why most people don’t actually try to mine BitCoin or various other altcoins is because of the difficulty to do so. For the people who are not tech savvy, mining sounds like rocket science. Well.. JSECoin makes it as easy as clicking your mouse to start mining: you just visit their website, create a free account and hit the “Start mining” button. And you start earning!

It’s really that easy and you can carry on browsing the internet and do whatever you are normally doing. You can easily do this at work, letting the computers do the browser mining from you – or you can do it at home. You will feel absolutely no difference when doing so.

Here are my results of browser mining for just 15 minutes, for the purpose of this article:

0.47 JSE in 15 minutes? This means about 2 coins per hour, which sounds really nice. If you have a rig that can run 24/7, this means that you can easily mine with your browser about 1,440 JSECoins per month at the current rates.

Its developer are holding a presale (more about this below) at $1 per coin and at this value, it means that you’re making $1,440 per month from browser mining alone! Of course, the actual price when it gets listed on the markets might be lower. But it can also go up. It’s free money in my opinion, either way, and I’ll always take that.

Plus, my gut tells me that this is going to be big! And, if done right, this can change the world and tackle a billion-dollar industry: website advertising.

This is because webmasters and blog owners can also earn passive money with JSECoin by simply inserting a small javascript code into their website. When a regular user visits their website, they automatically start mining for them. No slower website loading times, no banners to annoy the user – they won’t even know that it’s happening!

So everybody is happy: the visitor, because they don’t get annoyed by advertisements everywhere and the website owner because they earn some money from each visitor. Even Google might love your website more simply because they will load faster (since there are no ads plastered everywhere, taking up valuable time to load) and they actually have fewer banner ads. It’s a win-win situation.

I’ve been using JSECoin on a few of my websites already and I am getting a nice return in my opinion. I like what I see and I can only imagine how good these numbers will look if I decide to switch to my higher traffic websites:

So if you have a website, you can earn additional money with it and JSECoin. It doesn’t really matter where your visitors are coming from, which is a great thing – and it doesn’t matter how much traffic you actually have. Even one impression per day can be monetized. But, of course, the more – the better!

More details about JSECoin

This coin is in its very early stages right now. I would consider this stage to be the perfect moment to just jump in – the competition is low for mining and you can earn a lot in advance of the big launch.

You can find out everything about their plans in the whitepaper. You can also look at the JSECoin roadmap to see what to expect from the future. There’s not a lot of time left to be one of the first ones to adopt this currency – later on, I anticipate it will be a lot more difficult.

I personally like a lot what I see, and I highly recommend this coin to everybody. Even if this ends up not rising up to my really high expectations, you still have nothing to lose. Because you don’t have to pay anything to be part of what I consider to be a new dawn in the cryptocurrency world.

But imagine that it does go as planned! Imagine that it beats the expectations of its developers and goes well above the $1 price per coin. Some people could get filthy rich with this!


As with every new coin out there, there are risks associated with JSECoin as well. They are minor in my opinion since you don’t have to invest real money in order to be part of the program and start earning right now. If you trust them a lot, you can also invest and spend some real life money to get some early tokens, be part of the ICO and so on – all the details are on their website.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to go this route and be part of the future of the company.

Also, mining will get more and more difficult as time goes by and more people will join. This is why it’s extremely important to join early in order to grab the easy rewards. But even if you are not among the first to join, it’s still free money on the table – and lots of it!

So I still believe that the risks are minimal even if you throw in some FIAT coin at it. I have the feeling that this coin will achieve great things and it has the potential, as I’ve shown above, to change the online world forever. Hopefully it will manage to offer exactly what it plans to and there will be no obstacles on the way. I’m holding on it for sure, as I already shared in my cryptocurrency portfolio report.

So check out JSECoin right now and sign up for your free account. There’s nothing to lose, in my opinion and this could represent your breakthrough in the cryptocurrency world.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on JSECoin in the comment section below after checking out their website and maybe giving mining or website mining (if you own a blog) a try.

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  1. I think this is a remarkable approach to the world of cryptocurrencies. I can even mine a few jsecoins with my phone’s browser. Which means while my gadgets are not used I can set them up to run some jsecoin mining for me. This is the future for the web and cryptocurrency coming together. I will continue to mine this coin with all resources I got for now.

    1. I am happy that you agree with me on this one. Let’s hope it will indeed reach its potential and change the world!

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