Is Blogging Really a Career or a Just a Hobby?

If you are a blogger, or you plan on becoming a blogger, you might be wondering if (or just secretly hoping that) you will ever be able to make a living out of this. Can you become a self employed person and turn blogging into a career?

I am a professional blogger since September 2008, when I decided to quit my job and give it a go. Today, even though I make a decent living out of this, when I tell anybody that I am a blogger, I receive a pat on the shoulder and some words like “don’t worry, you’ll find something to do!” People don’t want to accept that blogging can be a career!

2013 was the best year for online advertisements (aka money spend and earned in the online medium): for the first time in history, the online advertising market was the one with the biggest earnings, with almost $3 billion more spent compared to broadcast television advertising. Yes, according to the study published by Infolinks, the biggest chunk of the advertisers’ money is invested in online ads. And I don’t know what you or your friends say, but I’d certainly say that where the most money is spent, more chances are for you to start a career!

How to get rich quick from blogging

I am sorry to disappoint you! Unless you get really lucky (and most of the people don’t), you won’t get rich over night from blogging. Those people making $50,000+ per month while they’re sipping on cocktails near the beach? Probably it’s not going to happen! They are the stars, they are the lucky ones, they are the exceptions. You. Can’t. Get. Rich. Quickly. From. Blogging.

Blogging as a career

But you don’t get rich over night with any other job, unless you land a role in a Hollywood super production – in which case you wouldn’t be reading this article anyway. However, you can end up making a decent living from blogging. Become your own boss. Work in your pajamas all day and have your office three steps away from the kitchen. Or the bedroom. Or any other room in your house.

Blogging can be a great career and there’s definitely a ton of money to be made here. But it’s also, unlike what people think, one of the most difficult markets to break into. Building your name, a reputation, becoming an authority voice and eventually hitting 5 figures per month… well, that’s something that requires a lot of work, determination, sweat and tears, sleepless nights and back pains (yes, your back will start hurting a lot as a blogger). You don’t believe me? Here’s how your day as a career blogger might look like.

I got my first paycheck as a self employed person after 6 months of working 10 hours per day. One year after starting, I was still not making over $1,000 per month. Are you ready to work for a sum as low as this one? Are you able to accept that you might never get to make more from blogging? This is the difficult part of blogging as a career – you never know what’s going to happen. I felt that on my own skin when I lost half of my blogging income in early 2014.

Blogging as a career is not (only) working from home in your pajamas and being your own boss. Blogging as a career involves many of the things you’d normally do at a regular job. Here is what you have to do:

Be determined. Treat blogging like a business. Don’t give up. Spend extra hours. Always read and learn. Always try something new. Always try to do better. Check out your competition and see why they are better than you. Share useful things, don’t just blog to make money. Don’t be afraid to quit and start over. Launch more blogs. Don’t launch more blogs that you can’t handle. Connect with people. Praise people. Link to other blogs and be humble. Diversify your income streams. Connect with your readers. Put the interests of your readers above yours. Write more. Write better. Brainstorm. Spend some more extra hours. Learn to accept rejection. Be prepared for failure. Never give up. Do it!

I’ve once heard something that goes well for our hopes of turning blogging into a career: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” So do it! It can be done. Who cares that your friends or family might not understand that blogging is indeed a possible career? As long as you know, as long as you are able to start earning a living (and sometimes earn better than many out there), as long as you are your own boss and you decide how to manage your time… go for it and make it big!

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  1. I never really thought that blogging could be a career until I started reading some people’s income reports and seeing that some superstar blogs were sold for large amounts of money. As for me…I really need to learn how to monetize and make some money…any money! before I even think I can do this as a career =)

    1. Yes, if you can squeeze in some freelancing too, it certainly helps a lot. And it’s always good not to keep all your eggs in one basket.

  2. Blogging can absolutely be a career, I’m proof of that. Now, I’m not sipping a cocktail on the beach every day, it’s a lot of work, but I love it. I had the same experience, I didn’t make much at first, but after a year or so of determination and hard work, things really picked up for me!

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