Insta-Success Blogging Formula: 30 Days Later (Report)

I love the concept of insta-success blogging because it gives you results instantly. It’s not a long lived project because we’re usually talking about volatile niches, but as long as they last, you’re good to go. Easy to create, easy to maintain and generally giving you a nice passive income every month, it’s exactly what you might need for a few extra bucks in your pocket.

You probably remember that in late August, I launched an insta-success blog that got over 1,000 views in the first three days, without me generating any buzz, without me building any links, just with an exact match domain and some buzz generated over the internet. Pretty cool, right?

The insta-success 30 days later report

30 days later (well, actually, 38), the blog does better than I had anticipated and the traffic is steady and high in volume. I was expecting a slow decline, but it hasn’t started yet and the traffic is still on the rise. Pretty nice, so check it out:


From ZERO to over 1,000 visitors per month – now that’s a true achievement and I’ll take that every time. Especially since it’s generating money, and that’s exactly what this blog did since launch:

insta-success-blog-report-30-days income

Although we’re not talking about a “make me rich” type of thing, it’s a nice sum of money for very little work. I have published 12 articles in this insta-success blog and I will only add a couple per month for the next three months before I run dry of possible articles.

Afterwards, I’ll leave the blog be and hopefully see some money coming my way every month. Probably it won’t be much, but it will be extra money that will come with little to no work.

How to build an insta-success blog?

The process, in theory, is extremely simple: you need to find a niche that nobody is writing about, one that is extremely popular, get the exact match domain, write your article and see the money come in.

The niche itself is the secret here, though, because you probably know already that finding a niche without competition today is almost impossible. Well, not so much if we’re talking about new products. Things that become extremely popular over night. Events, people, it doesn’t matter. When a star is born, exactly when it’s born is the time to launch your website.

And I’m not talking about the iPhone 6. Everybody is watching the big guys and whenever they come up with a product, there are at least a handful of micro niche sites dedicated to it. I am talking about the small, often ignored stuff that goes viral and will soon die. The stuff that can still generate money before it fades. And chances are it will not fade too fast (as it seems to be the case with my insta-success blog).

How to spot these niches?

Read the news. Visit the social media, check out the buzz, listen to your friends. Watch the popular shows. If Kim Kardashian presents in her show her favorite Bolingo-Bongo jewelry, that’s your website! People will instantly go crazy and search for the jewelry brand.

If, during a late night show, the host presents the revolutionary headphones made of bubble gum by a company in Poland, that’s the product you have to write about. I guess that you get the idea now: watch the news, read the papers, listen to the shows and be the first one to take advantage of the buzz.

You need to have in mind three things, though:

1. You will fail. Many of these “viral” products are extremely short lived. Kardashian’s Bolingo-Bongo jewelry might be soon forgotten if she never talks about it and if the internet doesn’t pick it up to keep it alive. Most of the hype lasts for a couple of days only, maybe a week. Which might not be enough for you to make some real money.

2. Low revenue. Since it’s obscure micro niches that we’re talking about, advertisers don’t bid on the keywords. Even more, most of these viral topics are not for a physical product, so you can’t bag on affiliate sales either. So expect a really low CPC from the insta-success blog that you’re building.

3. Low life span. Out of the topics that remain alive for a longer period of time, very few if any will stay alive for longer periods of time. Out of my own experience, you start recording a drop 30 to 90 days after launching the insta-success blog and very few will still make you money to care about after one year.

This is a strategy that the big guys out there don’t adopt. It’s not a viable source of income, it’s uncertain and it requires a lot of work: and it’s fast work that needs to be done. Not even I am the biggest fan of this method, even though I used it a few times in the past: the win to fail ratio is pretty low and usually these small projects are taking out a lot of time you could spend elsewhere.

But then again, you really strike it nice with a blog like the one that I have written about, which makes you want to keep on trying. Hopefully one day, one of these viral things will become evergreen and you’ll score gold. Maybe I will too. We can only try!

Are you planning to try my insta-success blog formula for one of your future projects? Let me know, I would love to hear about your progress!

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