How to Make Your First $100 in Google AdSense

Today I am starting a new series here on Thrifty Self Employed, one that is aimed at beginner bloggers. When you see income reports all over the internet from people making tens of thousands of dollars per month, when you are not even breaking the $1 per day, things seem pretty bad and they might make you reconsider your choices.

However, even the big guys were once like you, checking their AdSense stats every few hours and struggling to get over $1 per day, then over $10 per day and so on. Hopefully this article will help you get to these milestones easily, while the series that we’re debuting today will hopefully make you a better blogger and one of the PROs.

So let’s start finding out how to make your first $100 in AdSense!

Why Google AdSense?

Many of the big guys out there are no longer using Google AdSense as their main income source, but affiliate marketing. I do believe that AdSense remains one of the best choices for bloggers who are just starting their careers and still the number one choice for most bloggers out there. And you can still make a lot of money from it, as you can see in my report of the $10,000 AdSense month.

AdSense is easy to use, has a great revenue per 1,000 impressions (the eCPM you keep reading about) and is probably the best known money making option on the internet. So don’t be afraid to start with it.

How to make your first $100 in Google AdSense… fast!

You might have read some articles on the internet from people trying to sell you products that promised to make you rich over night. I hope that you haven’t spent your money on those, or if you did, it was a lesson well learned: you can’t hurry up the money making process on the internet and there are few if any “cheat” methods to get you ahead.

And ALL these “cheat” methods are extremely risky and might backfire sooner or later. So, in order to make $10,000 per month, you have to slowly work your way up from zero. That’s the reality today!

Most of the newly launched blogs now require at least 3 months before they actually start to rank and be considered for a first page position by the Google search engine.

So if you don’t have the patience to keep working for at least 3 months without any notable results, this is not for you! Most people actually quit before these 3 months pass and before their blogs reach their full potential.

And this is one of the reasons why you won’t make your first $100 in AdSense!

If you are ready for the long and difficult road ahead, there are a few guaranteed methods to bring your content forward and improve your chances of making more money faster:

1. Choose the right niche
In the case of a beginner blogger, I believe that the “right” niche is a niche you are most comfortable writing about and most knowledgeable about. Forget about finding low competition keywords, and micro niches and stuff.

You can make money in any niche, as long as you aim for an authority website and you can be useful or bring something new to the audience. I would actually suggest a niche that is broader, so you have more topics at hand and automatically target long tail keywords with your articles.

2. Write great content
You need your articles to be useful, fresh and outstanding. This means that you need great content on your blog and, extremely important, great titles. If you are writing an article on how to raise chickens, give it an exact, clear title, not something vague like “More of them for you”. A title like “Top 10 tips to raise chickens in your backyard” is 10 times better. Combine it with a truly helpful content and you have a great article!

3. Build some backlinks
Although everybody agrees that great content is king, it does not guarantee traffic. In order to have the search engines (mainly Google) show your article to people looking for the information you provide, you need backlinks.

The more and of better quality they are, the better it is for your blog. Stay far, far away from spam and low quality backlinks because they will get your site penalized and you might never be able to turn things around.

Quality backlinks can be obtained via a quality private blog network (not recommended though as it is frowned upon by Google), by guest posting on other blogs, commenting on blogs in the same niche and promoting your articles to social sharing services.

The later two are not giving you do follow links (in other words, in theory, the ranking of your websites won’t increase) but they are all part of a natural looking link building strategy.

4. Ad Placement is extremely important
Most new bloggers don’t want to upset the readers with ads, and therefore they place them in the lower parts of the screen or somewhere at the bottom.

You need to be extremely aggressive with your ads and post them in content and where people see them. If ads are not seen, ads are not clicked on and revenue is not generated.

If you have many return visitors, you can find WordPress plugins that allow you to hide these ads from them (return visitors are also known for clicking less ads anyway). But be aggressive and have ads in your content, close to the title.

5. Learn what content works best and keep producing it
With time, you will notice that some articles tend to perform better than others. You can see that simply by looking at the analytics stats of your blog and see what articles have been visited more often.

Focus on creating similar articles. In other words, offer your readers what they are looking for. Early on, we can’t talk about returning visitors so you need to give the people coming from the search engines exactly what they want and only when you have a solid traffic start writing other things for your return visitors.

6. Build real connections with other people
Find a handful of real bloggers in the same niche as yours and start commenting on their blogs. A few weeks later, send them an e-mail and establish a connection. Don’t ask for favors, just give them an opinion on their writing, congratulate them or give them some sort of advice.

Most bloggers are nice fellows, actually, and we can all use virtual friends. Later on, as time goes by and the connection becomes stronger, you can exchange links or get some free links, free advice from people in the same niche and therefore learn how to take your blog to a new level.

7. Build some more backlinks
So, you have three backlinks and a dozen comments and you think you’re done? Backlinking never stops and you can never have too many high quality backlinks. Always be on the lookout on getting new links via guest posting or commenting – or maybe sharing your link on a forum in the same niche.

Just have in mind not to spam, not to use exact match keyowrds (instead, use generic ones like your name, the URL of your blog, your blog’s title or generic stuff like “click here”). Having too many exact match keywords will actually hurt your rankings. Make everything seem as natural as possible!

All these tips and tricks, combined with a bit of patience, will help you get that first $100 with your blog. The nice thing is that once speed starts to pick up, the growth will be faster and normally, it should take you a lot less to make the next $100, and then your first $1,000. Slow and steady wins the race and always remember: blogging is like a marathon!

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