How to Buy / Sell MinexCoin (MNX) with Credit Card or Bank Account

If you are looking for methods to easily and safely buy MNX (MinexCoin), you’re at the right place! In today’s article we’re going to learn everything about this relatively new coin on the market, including how to easily buy MinexCoin or sell it.

It is very easy at the moment to buy MNX with USD, BTC or ETH. You choose the method you prefer and we have a guide for each in today’s article. So let’s not waste any time and let’s learn everything about MinexCoin – from what is this new coin to how to trade it easy and fast!

What is MinexCoin?

It is an extremely interesting new coin based on a low volatility cryptocurrency which is a part of Minex ecosystem. It wants to be reliable and always profitable – which is something that we’ve seen on rise only market coins like Yovi, for example. This one is a bit more popular and has more backers, so it might be a better choice overall, especially since there’s a service attached to it, unlike the case of Yovi.

MNK price via CoinMarketCap

Designed on economic analysis and bank experts calculations, MNX is a progressive growth coin. It’s equally useful for mid- or long-term investments when your assets are turning into real passive incomes. The instruments currently available at Minex enable you to store your funds safely, spend them wisely and even get profits simply by helping the system remain stable, though a system called “Parking” which is very similar to Proof of stake.

You can find out more about MNX at its official website, which shows that the team is just starting out and there are a lot of great things to be done according to the roadmap:

How to buy MNX?

Currently, MinexCoin is only listed on two exchanges, out of which the first is my favorite: LiveCoin and CoinExchange.

There are multiple reasons why I prefer LiveCoin, some of which being that you can but MNX with USD directly, as well as buy it with BTC or ETH on an exchange that has a bit of tradition, is trusted by the community and didn’t have any major problems in the past. And since it’s so easy to use and user-friendly, there’s no point not to create an account with LiveCoin and start trading if you don’t have one already.

This exchange makes it extremely easy to buy MNX after you log in. First, you will have to deposit some funds in your account (you can deposit Fiat currency using Capitalist, Perfect Money, Payeer or AdvCash) or transfer some BTC or ETH to your LiveCoin wallet.

It is a bit cheaper at the moment of writing this article to buy MNX with BTC instead of USD or ETH, so it’s best to get some BTC first. You can either do that by purchasing some directly on the exchange, or using a different exchange for potentially better deals.

I personally recommend using for purchasing Bitcoin as you can get it with your card directly and it’s extremely easy to buy and transfer it to any wallet out there. You can read my in-depth guide to using Cex for buying Bitcoin here.

So if you don’t have BTC, buy some at then transfer the BTC to your LiveCoin wallet and you’re all set! Check the guide I have linked to above in order to learn how to instantly buy Bitcoin with your card. After buying it, simply transfer it to your LiveCoin wallet available at LiveCoin – Deposit:

Simply click the “Deposit” button near the Bitcoin row and copy your wallet address:

Go back to (or any other service you have used to buy Bitcoin) and simply hit the “Withdraw” button near your BTC balance:

After clicking the Withdraw button, your BTC will be transferred to your LiveCoin account and you will be able to start trading MinexCoin. Have in mind that it might take a while for the transfer to be confirmed, but lately it happens really fast and waiting times are well under 10 minutes. But it might take longer.

This is it. You now know how to buy MNX, the extremely promising and interesting new cryptocurrency on the market. Let’s hope that your decision to invest in this coin is a good choice!

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