How My New Blog Got to 500 Visitors Three Days after Launching

Yes, you’ve read that right: I have just launched a new blog and it got, during the first three days since launching, almost 500 visitors. Almost 400 uniques who read 1,265 pages on the blog. Almost half of them came from organic searches.

Before you hurry to call me crazy, let me show you that it actually happened, then I will tell you how I made it happen and, most important, how easy it is to replicate this success yourself!

500 visitors in 3 days for a brand new blog

Is this even possible? Well, it sure is! Before getting to the details, here are proofs because they are all that matters. First of all, you can see below that my domain was indeed registered on 25 August 2014:

website visitors new site

It was the afternoon and I wasn’t really expecting it to do so well, so I didn’t rush the content injection. Instead, I created the logo, uploaded a new theme, created the generic pages (Contact, Privacy Policy) and categories, installed the basic plugins.

I added the first actual article on August 26th and right now there are exactly 5 articles on the blog (plus the two pages). Here’s the traffic since launch:

website visitors new site1

As you can see, the traffic went from zero in the first day to 41 in the second day, then 171 and finally 237 in the third. The second day’s traffic was all natural as I had not built any links. Nobody starts building links as soon as the blog launches, right? Especially since you don’t really expect visitors to start coming so soon!

I decided to go against this practice when I saw (and I must repeat it – I was surprised) the 41 visitors that had already visited the blog. So I did the following: commented on a do-follow general blog and added a link on Reddit in a related sub-Reddit. Referral traffic rose and is almost 50% of the blog’s traffic during these three days:

website visitors new site2

But it’s not the referral traffic that matters much, it’s the organic traffic. My brand new blog has had 183 visitors coming from search engines (Google) already! That is pretty insane for a blog that was born just a few days ago!

How is this even possible?

Now, what people say about ranking a website is usually true and I’ve tested it with many blogs: in order to get your blog ranking, you have to wait up to 6 months. Still, it’s pretty obvious that with a smart strategy and probably a bit of luck, things can look completely different. Let’s see what I did to make this happen.

Choosing the right niche

In my case, it’s a micro niche with almost zero competition. The website was not built after spending days of research, it was launched naturally after reading the news. On the 25th, I read about the launch of a brand new product that I thought was going to become extremely popular.

So I decided to create a website dedicated exclusively to this product when I saw that nobody else did so. It appears that, so far, it’s been the right thing to do.

In other words: pay attention to what happens around you. There are a ton of things happening out there that spark the interest of people, things that go viral. My blog was based on this thing that indeed went viral and it’s already getting me some traffic.

So keep an eye on the news (or tech portals or whatever tickles your fancy) and be the FIRST one to launch a website about this new product/event.

Exact match domain

Yup, I am still using this technique as I have already shared with you. Being a brand new product, the exact name domain was available (if it is registered by the company launching it, add an extra word – it still works). I actually went for this myself and instead of using just the name, I added an extra word as I considered it added value to the domain.

Add high quality articles

I only published three articles on the second day and two more on the third. They were high quality articles that I have personally written, one of them is 1,000+ words (and is the main article) and I plan to add a few more as soon as possible, while the interest is still high. So if you go with the “viral product” website, aim to publish your content as soon as possible, before interest fades away.

Add links!

Normally, a website that has just been launched doesn’t get a ton of links, but one or two will actually help you. It did in my case, and I am sure it would help on any occasion. Don’t go over the top with this, just add a couple of links and sit back and wait for a while. After my do follow comment was posted, I got more search traffic. The Reddit link might have helped as well, so any and all social links are helpful!

Enjoy the low competition

The product I am writing about is an extremely low competition product and my site, believe it or not, is still the only indexed website dedicated exclusively to this product. It’s difficult – if not impossible – to find anything like this for established products and niches and most likely at least several more will follow shortly.

Still, by being the first, you get an advantage and you can keep that early lead for as long as possible. Just make sure you pick up the right product – usually a simply Google search will help. And use your common sense.

If Apple announces the iPad 4, you might not get any luck following this strategy. But if a fast food join in Illinois is getting extremely popular because of their cow-shaped burgers, then you might find a niche not many webmasters are interested in. But readers are and that’s all that matters!

The problems with insta-success blogs

I am really happy with the traffic that I am getting, that I can tell you, but it’s not traffic that will make you rich over night. People interested in cow-shaped burgers are less likely to sign up for a Credit Card using your affiliate link, or buy an $2,000 laptop on Amazon.

Even more, generally there’s very little competition on the targeted keywords so the CPC might also be really low.

In my case, the 500 visitors have brought me a huge ZERO in terms of profit. There is no physical (or otherwise) product that I can sell in this niche and it was just today that I have placed one AdSense banner to see how it does.

Finally, since we are talking about viral stuff, chances are that interest will fade over time: sometimes sooner rather than later. In my blog’s particular case, the interest is still going up, but the niche itself doesn’t look like an evergreen one to me so one or two months from now, the blog can be just as good as dead. There’s a slim chance that interest remains high, and that’s what has me keep on trying.

The conclusion

What is important to learn from this case study, even though the website itself will surely not make a lot of money, is that it can be done. The exact match domain that I have purchased was not an expired domain, it was a brand new one.

I didn’t pay anything but for the domain’s registration and spend about 4 hours setting it up and creating the content. I will probably spend 2 more to add a couple extra articles, and then I will let it rot.

This particular blog will still bring me passive income and I estimate that by the end of the month it will cover the registration fees and at least the shared hosting costs. If somehow it gets bigger, it’s even better!

But this can be done. That’s the important lesson to be learned here: it can be done and scaled. Just imagine that the hit product you’re writing about is not a “no money niche” like cow-shaped burgers, but a brand new product that sells on Amazon for the big bucks. So always keep your eyes on the news and late TV shows and give it a try. It works and it’s easy!

Have you tried this strategy? Are you going to give it a try? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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  1. This is awesome, Calin. I normally agree with you that it takes months to rank for anything. But this must have been something with no content at all before! Good work picking the niche, hope the traffic stays 🙂

    1. Thank you, let’s hope it does stay for at least a while. I will be posting an update in a month to see how this worked out, eventually and if it managed to make any actual money.

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