Hot Niche Blogging Ideas for 2015

With 2015 here, you might be feeling the urge to start a new project or twenty (I sure do) or maybe just launch your first ever blog, and I might be able to help you a bit. I can’t promise that you will be filthy rich at the end of the year, but I do believe that I have some hot niche blogging ideas for 2015 – niches that I believe will be extremely popular, are not too competitive and still offer you a great choice in terms of becoming an authority.

So if you need some extra inspiration or you simply have no idea where to start, why not check out my solid blogging niches ideas below and prepare for an amazing 2015?

1. Green Technology

Although the big boys are already established in this niche and you don’t have the traffic potential of an entertainment blog, it’s a niche that is still gaining in popularity and will surely do so in the following years.

With 2014 being the warmest year ever since people started to measure and archive temperatures and with Global Warming becoming more and more popular, a green technology blog with a few smartly chosen main keywords might put you up there at the top of the money makers.

2. Cook your own food

I am still laughing when I see so called “recipe” blogs that tell you to mix a can of something with a can of something else and you’re done. Cooking your own, healthy food is gaining popularity and will keep on growing in the next few years as more and more people want to get back to the basics.

Although there are a ton of successful blogs out there and it’s pretty difficult to break in, if you find maybe a micro niche (like Indian food, no gluten foods or chicken recipes) you might have better luck.

This is, however, a good fit only for those who do their own cooking, have some time to spend on actually preparing the dishes and, extremely important, can shoot some amazing photos of their yummy.

3. Wearable technology

The Apple Watch is already a huge thing and wearable technology is no longer a thing of the future. Nike launches shoes that lace themselves up automatically, smart glasses are coming and so on. Start now and you can become an authority in a niche that’s just starting up (meaning that there’s not much competition… yet).

If you want to increase your chances, find a product (Apple Watch) or a product line (smart watches) and write about them.

4. Cryptocurrencies

Many people still don’t know what Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies are, but many are already making top money out of it. It’s a risky niche and you have to know a thing or two about it and some voices are claiming that it won’t ever get big (as in traditional currency big), but you never know and I believe that anything is possible. Including you going really big with a blog on Cryptocurrencies.

5. Mobile Phone Accessories

You would be amazed to find out how many people are searching for anti glare laptop covers – and the same goes for all sort of accessories for mobile phones. Headphones, gadgets, covers and so on… there’s an endless array of products that you can write about, review or sell and a huge market looking for the next big thing. Choose your niche, stick to it and become an authority.

6. Insta-success blogs

I have talked about my insta-success formula before and even though this is neither easy, nor a solution for the long term, you are generally guaranteed the success of such a blog and you can get some nice profits quickly.

In other words, be on the lookout for viral stuff or huge events and be the first to create a blog about that. Entertainment-type of stories work best (like a new celebrity, a huge concert, somebody famous getting married), just as current events – the Charlie Hebdo attack, for example, was a great insta-success blog niche.

It might only last for a couple of months, but if we’re talking about millions of visitors (and sometimes we are), it’s really worth it!

7. DIY micro niche

Do you know how to make impressive snack plates out of perfectly chopped potatoes or maybe how to turn an old rock you found by the river into a cool shower head? Then you have two great reasons to start a micro niche DIY blog.

Of course, more mainstream stuff might work as well, but the thing is that in today’s economy, people are starting more and more often to do build their own stuff, to create from scratch or to repair. If you’re good at this, start writing right away and using Pinterest and Facebook, you might just become the next millionaire. Or have fun trying!

These would be my major ideas for niche blogs in 2015. Remember, my advice is to always build a blog that has the chance of becoming an authority and one you can write at least 50 articles on (ideally an unlimited number). The days of the 5-article websites are long gone and you need a ton of knowledge, research and resources to make them work, while the authority projects build themselves up.

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