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Here Is How a Regular Day Looks Like for a Self Employed

So, you already know a thing or two about me and you know that I was crazy enough the take the plunge into self employment without having any real plan or knowledge about the world of blogging and by being here today, I am the living proof that I made it and, obviously, that you can make it too.

If you are not already self employed, you might have heard it from the big guys how a regular day of a professional blogger looks like: you wake up at 11 and go for a swim in your private pool, work for 30 minutes and then hit that expensive gym, but just for the sauna and massage. After lunch you work a couple more hours, do some yoga, drink some expensive whiskey and hit the club with a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model and you go to sleep at 3AM in your waterbed. Of course you want to become self employed too in that case, but before you hand over your resignation papers, let me tell you how a regular day really looks like for a self employed (or, at least how mine looks like):

8AM: The alarm starts ringing. Rise and shine, beautiful!

8:15AM: You finally wake up and decide to take a shower. Then decide against it and instead you go to the kitchen to grab something to eat. On the way, you realize that your wife is already with your newborn son in his room, so you have to make a quick stop there to greet the little fellow and make him laugh.

8:30AM: You finally get to the kitchen and panic that it’s late already. You quickly prepare a sandwich and rush to your home office to start working.

8:40 – 9:20: You answer a ton of e-mails and check the stats of your blogs. Prepare coffee and update your Facebook status in the meantime.

9:20 – 10: You check out your blog subscriptions, comment on a few blogs, re-tweet some tweets and get a few new ideas for articles.

10 – 1 PM: Write like a maniac. Usually, you are full of energy and still highly motivated to make it big. That epic article that will make you rich will be written during this time!

1 – 1:30 PM: Lunch time with your beautiful family. You think that working from home would give you more time to spend with them, but start to realize it’s not the case…

1:30 – 2:30 PM: Siesta time. Light up an incense stick, put on some relaxing music and lie in the bed trying to take your mind off anything. A vital hour just for yourself and your own thoughts.

2:30 – 3:30: Check out a few more articles from your RSS subscriptions and answer a few more e-mails. If you’re lucky, you start working on a new article.

3:30 – 3:45: Realize that you didn’t take a shower yet. Do it and realize how useless that was because you’re just about to hit the gym.

4 – 5:30: Gym time. Faster, stronger, built to last. I use half of the time there to think about topics for my upcoming articles and blogging strategies (while I’m on the bike and usually getting bored like hell). I usually forget them all by the time I get back home.

5:30 – 6: A bit of extra writing, networking and checking out RSS subscriptions and commenting.

6 – 6:30: Dinner time. We usually eat at home because, well, we don’t spend too much time at home anyway… (ha!)

6:30 – 8: Family time. Try to find a new face that will make the little one smile. Watch two episodes of House Hunters International on the Travel channel and dream to someday have the money to get such a beautiful house like the stars of the show (and you only need the money because they usually pick the worst one).

8 – 9: Checking out e-mails, networking a bit more and commenting on some blogs. Promise yourself that you won’t do that ever again and instead spend time with your family.

9 – 10:30: Family time, relaxation and maybe a glass of wine. It’s been a long day. Getting ready to sleep. Sleep early because your body needs a lot of rest!

And there you have it! Being self employed does not mean that you don’t work anymore. On the contrary! But your work can be evenly divided throughout the day if you so prefer and you have more time of relaxation. If you look closely, you see that I actually spend just about 5 hours working per-se (writing). However, if I would not do all the “behind the scenes” stuff, I would not make just as much and even though for the most part enjoyable, reading and commenting and taking care of SEO-related stuff can get pretty boring.

But then again you think that it was a lot worse in your cubicle and remember that the 4 hour workweek is not fiction, so you keep doing it! Eventually, you’ll be one of the big guys or girls who starts their day swimming in the ocean and ends it with a relaxing foot massage in a private spa.

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