Great Niche Blogging Ideas for 2016

Things are changing quickly in the blogging world, and even though some claim that niche blogs are dead, that is far from being correct. It might be true that the niche blogs that worked a few years ago – low quality micro niche sites – might not do as well as they used to, but authority niche websites work flawlessly.

And since 2016 can still be the year for your amazing startup, that particular blog that you launch and makes you incredibly rich, I decided to share a few great niche blog ideas for 2016 – niches that I consider to be extremely hot, not too crowded and very profitable from now on.

So if you are looking for inspiration, brainstorming new ideas or just looking for a topic to start blogging about, my niche blogging suggestions below will surely do the trick. Just make sure that you bring high quality content that is useful to your readers, make sure that you choose the right tools for link building and focus on becoming an authority in your niche, target both low competition, as well as high competition keywords.

1. Drones
I actually wanted to keep this off the list because I am planning on starting my own niche blog on drones and I don’t need the extra competition. However, I have to be fair and share all the good ideas and a niche blog on drones is, in my opinion, pure gold.

The market is not saturated at the moment and even though there are already a few very strong blogs about drones, I still think that there’s a lot of room for extra people ready to pump in some great content. In my opinion, one of the best new blogging niches for 2016!

2. Popular video game / movie
Just check out the plethora of lists that talk about the best video games or movies coming in 2016, choose one and build a blog around it. This is the type of niche that will always work, even though it is not extremely profitable (have in mind that video gamers are heavy users of ad blocking plugins!) I built a few of these sites last year and they earned me, almost passively, around $3,000, which is not bad at all.

They do have a low life span and you have to be very careful about copyrights, but it’s easy fun and brings in some extra money!

3. Digital Nomading
There are a ton of travel blogs out there and just as many focusing on Digital Nomading and Location Independent lifestyles. However, most of these are personal types of blogs from people who don’t invest enough in promoting their blogs and writing good content.

Plus, the trend of working remotely while traveling the world is increasing and in a couple of years you could become a high profit authority with your digital nomading blog that you’ll start in 2016!

4. Luxury object affiliates
If you think that you can really build a solid site – one that looks high class and delivers high class content, this niche can prove extremely profitable if you only manage to sell even one product per month. The economy is getting better and better, salaries are rising and people start having more money to spend.

Luxury products are now considered an investment by many and now is the right time to take advantage of that trend and build a solid niche site on luxury objects/products. Want me to be more specific? Try Luxury Chandeliers or other luxury household items.

5. Retro stuff
Again, you have to find the actual niche, but have in mind that retro stuff is getting more and more popular. And don’t think about 50s, 60s retro, think about 80s and 90s “retro”. The people born in the 80s and early 90s are all adults now and they all focus on heavily using computers.

Nostalgia is a great seller, so try to find the popular products of their childhood and offer them again. you’ll get huge amounts of sales that you can’t even imagine! This is red hot right now and there are still a ton of untapped niches in this area!

Five ideas are better than none and I am particularly happy about them. Hopefully you can find your next big project idea on this list and make a fortune. Here is for an amazing 2016!

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