Great Content Does NOT Automatically Bring Visitors to Your Blog

How many times have you heard it or truly believed this: “Great content attracts visitors”? Probably a ton of times, because you are a great writer and you give each of your articles 110%. Sweat and coffee and sleepless nights. Content is king, so you’re producing the best there is.

Here’s a little story that will, unfortunately, bring your feet back on the ground:

One of my blogs is a news-like niche, where new things become popular and are forgotten in a matter of days. Yesterday, a particular thing became extremely popular and I was the first to write about it. I can’t say too much, but not only that I was the first to write about it, but I also wrote everything about that particular subject. After reading it, would know everything about the subject in question. It was perfect. It was complete. It was great content that was going to bring in the visitors.

Today when I checked out my Google Analytics stats, I was shocked: 3 visits. One of them was most likely me. I didn’t get it, so I did a Google search. My article was nowhere to be found (for some reason, Google didn’t index it, but indexed a tag pointing to the article). Sometimes, Google does that. First result? Another article on a different website, article published 25 minutes ago.

I clicked to check out that article. It was indeed a good article, but written more than 24 hours after mine. Mine, which was nowhere to be found. The thing that turned my day into one where I battle depression? The website had the plugin installed which shows live how many visitors are on the website. The article that was published after mine had 74 reading it. This means, probably, around 5,000 – 10,000 visits on that particular article in 24 hours. The amount that I had lost. And unless Google completely changes the results, which is highly possible, numbers that I will keep losing. Depressing.

So, indeed, great content does not automatically bring visitors to your blog. Being self employed and blogging is not at all glamorous. Things similar to what happened to me will happen to you. You will be enraged and disappointed. My day was ruined, but I know that there’s not much I can do (for the record, both my website and the one that got ahead of me have the same PR and funnily enough, ahrefs shows the same numbers for URL and Domain rank, which is even more enraging). When stuff like this happens, you can only get up, forget about your loss and keep trying. Continue writing your great content. It won’t automatically bring visitors to your blog, but without it you’re doomed.

And it will happen again. And again. And again. Until the wheels will turn and your article will be there at the top of the search results, bringing in tons of visitors. And you’ll be happy that you didn’t give up.

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