Can You Still Make Over $10,000 Per Month in Google AdSense?

If you check out the make money blogging blogs nowadays and those mouth-watering income reports showing 5 digits of income generated per month by blogs, it’s pretty obvious that the focus is on affiliate marketing.

And although I am not denying the fact that there’s big money to be made from affiliate marketing, I have an important question today: can you still make some big bucks with Google AdSense? Specifically, to meet a goal that many people have set for their online business: can you still make $10,000 per month with AdSense ads only?

(Please note: if you are not a regular reader of this blog, it was initially titled “Thrifty Self Employed” before switching the focus entirely to cryptocurrencies and that is why your’re seeing that blog name as a watermark over the images)

Of course you can! I have managed to once get there and I am surely hoping to see those numbers again. Soon.

10000 usd in adsense

I must admit that this was my best month ever in terms of AdSense revenue and most of that money was generated by an website that was purchased a couple of months later by a big company for a nice sum. A website I no longer own, a website’s whose success I wasn’t, unfortunately, able to replicate so far…

But I have managed to do it! I managed to make over $10,000 in Google AdSense and you haven’t seen my name quoted as one of the “gurus” you have to read if you want to make money, nor has my name been placed up there at the top with the most successful bloggers.

I am one of the regular bloggers, I am here in the crowd, I am part of the crowd, I am not that internet marketer with a ton of experience, with 101 niche sites, one who affords to outsource all content and do nothing but count the cash each day.

I work hard, I work daily, I write the articles myself and I do all the heavy work. I fail, I fail some more and then I fail again, but every once in a while I manage to strike it big, just as it happened with my March 2013 income, and that makes it all worthwhile.

I am sure that this will be your case if you’re not generating that much money, and this should be a clear evidence that you should never ignore AdSense as a solid revenue generating platform!

How to make $10,000 per month blogging?

This is the tricky part. If you’re just starting up, it’s going to be even more difficult because you don’t have the experience and the resources that the big guys have. You can’t pay for content, you can’t pay for links, you will do everything personally, and you will do it slowly. It’s mostly the way I do it, so at least you know that it works.

And even if you don’t have the money to spend of PRO tools, nor can you automate the building of your sites, you can still do it!

But don’t believe those saying that you can do it overnight or with little work. There is a lot of work that you should prepare to put into your products and a lot of learning and researching. Which you have already started to do, since you are reading this article.

And since I’m one of those good guys who shares how they make money online and I leave nothing untold, you can improve your chances of making $10,000 per month from Google AdSense by visiting Thrifty Self Employed more often. Or just click here to subscribe to the RSS feed via e-mail, or like us on Facebook. Together we’ll learn to make the big bucks!

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    1. It was a really fast growing website. It was launched in late July 2013, so it was 8 months old when it made the 10k.

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