Best Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes for 2018

Having a good looking but especially flawlessly optimized theme matters a lot when it comes to the success your blog will or will not have. Now, having a mobile-friendly website is also taken into account by Google when it comes to ranking your site or blog.

Yes, things are evolving and so do WordPress themes and if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition – or at least have a chance in the crowded blogging world, you need a high quality theme for your blog. And with so many great options out there, it is easy to get discouraged or make a poor choice.

Well, I have decided to make the job a lot easier for you by sharing below the best responsive WordPress magazine themes for 2018, themes that will surely help you get your blog to the next level.

All the themes you can see below are looking great, are easy to customize even if you’re not very tech savvy, are responsive (optimized to look great on mobiles as well) and, extremely important: are fast to load, therefore improving your SERPs even more.

It took me a few days to looks through all the themes and pick the winners, but what you have below are surely the best of the best. So get ready to take your blog to the next level with my recommended responsive magazine themes for WordPress in 2018!

1. Newspaper

01 newspaper

I have already called this the best WordPress theme of 2018 and it makes sense to feature it first. It’s extremely customizable, it has a ton of unique designs just one click away, it’s responsive, it looks good and it’s lightning fast. A perfect theme and one of the best selling themes on Theme Forest. Click here to check it out.

2. GenNews

02 gennews

Another highly customizable and easy to use WordPress theme, it also comes packed with 14 different designs to make your blog your own (and endless customization options). I also really like it and you can check out all the styles it offers, plus see the theme in action here.

3. Herald

03 herald

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite WordPress themes too. It’s extremely versatile, offering almost countless Home Page designs (around 500!), it looks highly professional and you can’t help but love it. An absolutely amazing theme that you must check out. Click here to see the theme and check out some of the home page designs it offers. You’ll love it!

4. Barcelona

04 barcelona

Light, clean, extremely fast and still insanely beautiful. This would be the way I would describe Barcelona, the premium WordPress magazine theme built as a search engine friendly product. It also offers a lot of customization options and comes with six different pre-built home page styles. You have to check it out to see all it has to offer. The Live Demo is here.

5. Friday News

05 friday news

I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of the yellow explosion that the theme offers, but one thing is clear: it does stand out. It’s also a bit more minimalist, but offering large images and text and works perfectly for particular niches – in the Entertainment area, so if you have such a blog, check out this theme here.

6. Shockmag

06 shockmag

Very image-focused and with some really interesting design elements (like the ad on the featured image), this is definitely one of the more unique themes available right now and one you must consider. It also comes with multiple designs – so the screenshot above is just a bit of what it can deliver, so click here to check it out and see all that it has to offer.

7. Jupios

07 juipos

This is a theme that looks a bit old school, but still has some really up to date elements injected, plus all the features are up to date for a perfect responsive WordPress theme. It’s a warm, friendly theme with a clean design and various customization options, so if you like what you’re seeing, you can find out more about it here.

8. The Rex

08 the rex

Another theme that offers a lot of options and design elements that you can change and arrange easily, without any coding knowledge. It’s clean, nice, fast and has some of the nicest review rating options on this list, so I highly recommend it. Click here to check it out.

9. AdMag

09 admag

A nice, ad optimized magazine theme that you have all the chances in the world to fall in love with. Comes with various one click design installs – includes Tech, Viral and more designs – and does have some original and interesting design choices, especially when it comes to the Tech demo. Review ratings, RTL, everything you want from a modern theme is there in this highly customizable and great looking WordPress theme, so check it out here to see all that it can do.

10. MagZilla

10 magzilla

Bright, colorful and extremely beautiful – this is how I would describe MagZille, a highly customizable theme with many options and a few default designs to choose from. It is an extremely versatile theme that would look just as good on a finance blog or a personal travel one. Must check it out – here!

11. NewMagz

11 newmags

If you want something simpler and more straightforward, this theme is for you! It has a lot of customization options to make it your own, but otherwise it is, as I said, pretty straightforward and allows you to just install it and start writing, without spending too much time behind the curtain. Give it a try here.

12. Yorkpress

12 yorkpress

“Simple, yet beautiful” – this is how the creators of this theme describe it and I couldn’t agree more. It does seem like a theme that would work better in certain niches than others (more like entertainment, news, fashion and so on), but for the right niche, it would be absolutely wonderful.

Expect to get a ton of easy to make customizations, it’s translation ready and moves really fast. One of my favorites on this list, so click here to check it out.

13. ColorNews

13 colornews

What an amazing theme! It is, as its name suggests, colorful and highly brandable. It uses all the visual elements to keep visitors on your blog – and explore as many pages as possible, it is easy to use and customize and looks amazing. You must check this one out, it’s really a top theme! Click here to give it a try and make sure you check out all the possible child themes because they’re all amazing as well!

14. Publisher Magazine

14 publisher

Another highly professional, but more solemn magazine, this one has many customization options, including that of setting up a shop within your blog. Really nice, especially if you like your lines and more serious tones. Check it out here.

15. Groove

15 groove

I like themes that push the content into the images, and this is one of the themes that does so, therefore touching my soft spot. It’s fast, it’s responsive, it’s reliable and offers multiple design options, even though it’s not one of the most complex themes on this list. Still worth checking out – so click here to do so.

16. Flex Mag

16 felxmag

A great combination between power and simplicity – as its developers state, Flex Mag offers some nice features, including the one that loads more articles after the opened one to keep your readers on your pages for longer. Different preset skins to choose from, easy to customize and nice to look at, this is another theme that might become your favorite for the years to come. Check it out here.

17. Vaga

17 vaga

The last theme recommended today, but certainly not least, this theme offers some nice photo effects, as well as great design choices. It looks highly professional, yet still friendly, so it can be used in a multitude of niches. Just check it out and see for yourself – click here to visit its page and test the live demo.

I am sure that you will find at least one theme to tick all the things on your wish list – even though I am confident that most of them do. One thing is clear, though: all the themes above are great!

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