Best Cheap Hosting for Your First Blog in 2018

If you’re looking to finally enter the blogging market and launch your blog in 2016, one of the most important decisions you have to make early on is what hosting company are you going to go with.

Choosing the best hosting for your blog is extremely important from the launch day to the years to come because, unless you are technically skilled, you will find out that moving a blog from a hosting company to another is not the easiest thing in the world. So why go through all this trouble when you can make an educated choice before you start and choose the best hosting for your blog?

That’s what I did when I launched my first blog more than 7 years ago and I’m still with that company (Dreamhost, in case you’re wondering).

For some, Dreamhost might seem a bit more expensive than the rest at around $9 per month if there are no discounts/special offers, so I decided to share with you some other options of great hosting companies that are cheap and reliable.

The truth is that even though it’s usually correct to assume that the cheaper the hosting, the poorer the service, there are still a few options out there that offer great services for your blog at great prices.

My recommendation would be, if you’re just starting up, to go with a regular shared hosting plan (which means that other blogs – usually a lot – will share the server with you) and, if your blog really needs it and picks up the pace, then upgrade with the same company to either a virtual private server or dedicated server (and if you stick with the same company, you will have no reinstalling/moving your blog problems).

In other words, don’t spend too much until you know your blog can cover those expenses! Plus, there are many bloggers that run successful, 4-figure per month blogs on shared hosting!

These being said, let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out my recommendations for the best cheap hosting companies you can choose for your first blog:


bluehost logo

Established back in 1996, Bluehost is a reliable and very stable hosting company that seems to focus on delivering shared hosting options at very low prices for bloggers worldwide.

This is a massive company that has a ton of clients, resulting sometimes in slightly slower page load times, but I’ve never experienced any real downtimes with them. Navigating through their control panel takes a bit to get used with, but once you do so, you will easily find your way around the next time you try.

They also have a nice feature, linking you to a WordPress themes website to choose a premium theme for your blog if you don’t have any, but I would still recommend my article with the best WordPress magazine themes of 2018.

BlueHost is the company that most people usually recommend to those launching their first blog and I can only agree with that. They are cheap and reliable, they have decent support and offer good value for your money.

Click here to check them out – they have hosting plans starting at $3.95 per month. However, don’t hurry to sign up just yet as you might like the recommendations below even better, especially if you consider expanding beyond just one blog.


hostgator logo

I must say that I really like this company! Started in 2002, Hostgator offers a 99.99% site uptime guarantee (meaning that your blog will basically always be available), great prices and great service. Their control panel is straightforward and easy to navigate through once you get used with it, which shouldn’t take too long (it’s also very similar to the control panel that BlueHost offers).

I personally prefer Hostgator, to be honest, because I had slightly better experience with them in terms of website performance. Their basic hosting plan is a bit more expensive that BlueHost’s, but their Baby Plan (the medium one) is better since it offers unlimited domains.

In the end, it’s more of a choice you make based on your gut feeling, because Hostgator and BlueHost are very similar and both very good for your first blog (and growing a business, too!). I would personally choose Hostgator, but as I said, I also have blogs hosted on a shared BlueHost plan and I have no plans to moving away from them! Click here to check out Hostgator’s offer.


dreamhost best hosting

Wait… what??? Didn’t I just say that they are more expensive than the rest? It’s true that I did, but I have a great deal for you! But until we get there, let me start the praise for Dreamhost: I’ve been hosting most of my blogs on their servers for the past 7 years and I’ve always had an amazing experience with them.

Their shared servers are never crowded, meaning that your blogs will get minimum downtime and maximum speed. And since a website’s loading speed is an important factor for ranking well on Google, that’s what you need!

Also, the Dreamhost sharing offers quick and cheap upgrades to either Managed WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Server or even Dedicated servers so if your blog does pick up, you can easily make the switch!

They have no domain limitations (meaning you can have 100 of blogs if you want to), no bandwith limitations, nor disk usage limitations and their customer support is amazing. They always helped me with any issues or questions I had – I am highly non-technical, so I need things explained to me – and they were fast to respond AND extremely helpful.

I would rate my experience with them with a 10 out of 10 and would recommend them to every blogger out there, no matter if they’re just starting up or running an established business.

And in order to make things a lot better for you, I am offering you a HUGE discount on your Dreamhost hosting: a $40 discount on an entire year of hosting! Yes, that’s true, I have this Dreamhost link for you that saves you $50 and makes an amazing hosting plan extremely affordable.

All you have to do is to go to the Dreamhost website, sign up for their shared hosting account for one year and you will get $50 off the entire value. That’s a sweeet deal!

All in all, I really consider Dreamhost and Hostgator to be the best options here because they offer a better expansion potential (since you can easily go for unlimited domanis/blogs for a decent monthly pay).

However, if you are sure that you will only build one blog – or you don’t plan to launch another too soon, then the cheapest options from BlueHost or Hostgator make more sense. One thing is clear though: no matter what you choose, you will surely be satisfied as all these three hosting companies are simply amazing!

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