Amazon Enters the Display Advertising Market with Amazon CPM Ads

The giants at Amazon have an early Christmas gift for their publishers and reasons of worry from their competitors: they have just launched Amazon CPM Ads, their entry into the display market. What an interesting move, and rather unexpected at least on my side!

I just received the invitation to join the Amazon CPM Ads today, but the invitation might have been there for a while, since I haven’t received an e-mail about it. So make sure that you log in to your Amazon account and see if you have that invitation. Because, yes, it seems that it’s invite-only at the moment! Here’s a sneak peek at the dashboard (there are no stats as I have just activated this service):

amazon CPM ads launches

Here’s the answer to the question regarding eligibility on Amazon CPM Ads, coming straight from the program’s FAQ: “Amazon CPM Ads is available by invitation to select US Associates. Eligible Associates must comply with the terms of the Associates Program Operating Agreement. If you have not been invited yet, stay tuned for more details as we expand the program.”

Right now, the Amazon CPM Ads only support 4 banner sizes: 728×90, 160×600, 300×250, and 300×600, and they will serve both Amazon related ads, as well as banners from “premium advertisers”.

You can set up a target CPM and use a passback ad code in case they don’t have an ad to match your request, so it’s that type of program that can only make you win more money than you are currently making – and this is always something that I will take happily! Especially since payments will be added to your monthly affiliate earnings, and not sent separately.

Right now, I am not sure how much of an impact the Amazon CPM Ads can have as Amazon themselves don’t seem to want to advertise this program too much. They are still probably in the early stages and the number of advertisers might not be huge, but I am sure that in the coming months things will change and Amazon will roll out this program to more and more people.

Since I have just activated it, I can’t talk about how profitable it is from my own experience, but it can only increase your earnings, since you can set that target CPM and still use your old tags in the process. However, this is more suitable to high traffic websites rather than small niche sites, just like all CPM advertising models.

Will this be a success? I believe so as Amazon is already a giant on the market. What do you think though about Amazon CPM Ads?

UPDATE: It appears that this is a bit of an old news report as they started rolling this out to select publishers since late August. Well, it’s better to join the party later than never, ha!

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  1. This is old news – but it’s important news. And it’s good to know that it’s invite-only and they don’t even send you an email. I heard about it a few months ago, but no one could direct me to where I could find more info about it. Now I know why!

    Just checked my account and no invite. Guess I have to be patient. Do you think the invite is dependent on your amazon associate earnings?

    Super curious to see how this performs compared to AdSense. Please give us an update in the future! Thanks Calin!

    1. Hey, Shane!

      Indeed, it’s a good thing that this is an invite-only network, the rates so far are extremely good even though right now the fill rate is not amazing for smaller countries. I am not sure I am allowed to share the CPMs, but they are the best rates I get compared to all other CPM networks I have tried, even though they are still below AdSense.

      I am not sure regarding the requirements to receive an invite: my earnings are not as impressive as those of the top dogs out there as Amazon is not my main monetization method. For the past 12 months, my average is somewhere around the $600 per month.

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