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10 Small Business Ideas for Stay at Home, Off-Grid Thrifty Self Employed Individuals

I must say that the title doesn’t sound as good as I wanted it to sound, but that matters the least. What actually matters is that I have for you below 10 ideas for starting off grid small businesses at home, if you want to be a thrifty self employed. Or just a self employed person: no boss, no schedules set in stone, just you doing what you love most.

And you know what? If you’re like me and you have a passion for everything about living off the grid, independence and being prepared, you will love these suggestions. They will connect you with nature (well, most of them at least), they will be fun and they can be incredibly rewarding, both financially and spiritually. Can you wish for more?

So let’s get this started. Below are my 10 small business ideas for stay at home parents or those looking for some self employment ideas that are a bit off the beaten tracks and more off-grid than most!

1. Build & sell solar ovens and dehydrators
You have no idea how to build them, right? Well, the truth is that they are both incredibly easy to make and you can easily find tons of ideas and tutorials on YouTube. You can even build them from pizza boxes, but if you want to sell them, you’ll have to go pro.

They need no energy to run – just some sunlight – and they can really cook a meal. And there are more people interested in owning one than you might think!

2. Sell eggs (and maybe chicken)
Chicken are extremely, extremely easy to raise and even half a dozen might be enough – although if you want to make some real money, you should go for more. Chicken lay about one egg per day (with some days off every now and then), so you can expect to get about 180 eggs per month from just 6 chicken.

Go all natural with your eggs and keep them as organic as possible and you can make quite some money. Grow more and sell the chicken too: a great business idea!

3. Sell Organic Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables
You usually need a lot of land to turn this into full time income, but if you want some extra money and a side hustle, this can prove very rewarding: plant what grows well and easy in your area, eat the healthy food yourself, can some for the winter and then sell the rest. You can make AND save a great deal of money this way!

4. Raise & sell animals and their goodies
Most people are going nowadays for dwarf goats because they are small and produce large quantities of milk (which you can turn into delicious home made yogurt and white cheese): these enough can make you a large chunk of money!

But go a step forward and invest in animals that you can sell for meat too. This could prove extremely lucrative and with minimal work!

5. Sell Heirloom Seeds
You need to get some for yourself first, then grow the plants: but afterwards you’re all set. Most people are becoming aware that the food in supermarkets and grocery stores is really bad and they’re starting to grow their own vegetables.

Heirloom seeds are a big thing right now and once you get them, they cost you virtually nothing: just grow the plants and they’ll give you the seeds!

6. Sell natural fertilizer / manure
This can be a business by itself or an addition to some recommended before. If you feed your animals with natural foods, then you will be surprised to hear that there are quite a few people ready to pay big bucks for their manure.

There are already individuals making over $100,000 per year selling natural manure, so there’s definitely a market for that!

7. Off Grid B&B
Just how cool is that? Get a farm and turn it into an off-grid bed & breakfast! The trend right now is for people to get back to nature and if you manage to make it a bit high tech, a lot of big suits from the big cities will want to come there, forget about technology and relax like they did back in the days. Small businesses

8. Homemade soap and candles
Even if you have no idea how to do that right now, let me tell you something: it’s really easy! Making your own soap and even candles is simple and with the natural ingredients, you can sell them for a huge profit.

Amazon has just launched their handmade section on the website, so there’s definitely a huge market for these products, as well as an easy way to jump in front of millions without investing a single dollar in marketing!

9. Grow bees & sell honey
Bees are not extremely easy to grow, but once you get the hang of it, they can prove extremely lucrative. They also produce quite a lot of honey, which can be sold raw for good prices, together with the beeswax and other products.

10. Homemade canned goods
Go all natural and even organic and start canning some food. I have a friend who started selling homemade jam last year: he started with 1,000 jars and sold them all over the internet.

This year he opened up a small shop and increased the production to 12,000 jars and he’s confident that the demand is even greater for this. And it is because more and more people want to eat stuff that’s as natural as it gets, without preservatives and other chemicals.

Off-grid small businesses are not for everybody, but those who love nature and appreciate the ways of living of the past can certainly make some nice side money or even a full time income with these suggestions.

The best part is that it’s on a raise with more and more people being drawn in to off-grid living, natural eating and consuming real products. Start early and you can become one of the big guys in just a few years!

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